Top Online Poker Players

We usually rank athletes. We also rank music, movies and almost everything else. The best thing for online casino players is the fact that we also rank online poker players. These players have amassed a huge amount of cash just by playing poker online and they are great at strategy. Maybe it is also safe to say that these people are very lucky, but with all the wins that are under their belt, the glory will definitely be accounted for their skills. For people who are always in the online casino scene, seeing these people play is definitely worth all the time you spend since you will learn a lot of things.

Top Players

Here are some of the best online poker players from

  1. Isaac Baron – back in 2007, Baron was named the player of the year in poker. He has already won more than three million dollars just by playing online. Despite shifting his focus on other games for the time being, he is still feared as one of the top competitors in any event.
  2. Annette Obrestad – despite being under aged, this young poker player is making a good name in the gambling scene especially back in 2007 when she won World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. As of 2009, she already won more than three million dollars in playing poker.
  3. Kevin Saul – he may be focusing on online games more than live tournaments, but he is still someone to watch out for when competing because he is that good. He already won more than one million dollars just by playing online poker and when he works his way through a tournament, he will definitely make a really big scene.
  4. Cliff Joseph – he is one of the best when it comes to online poker tournaments with almost three million dollars under his belt back in 2009.

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