What is the capsa susun game?

Some people choose to have some forms of past times, right? You would also choose something that you would enjoy. The usual forms of past times are games, reading, writing, etc. But the most common option for today is games. There are a lot of games to play nowadays.

But of course, the game will still vary from one age group to another. Some games even need to have a certain age limit to be played. You might think that Legos are generally for kids. But you should know that there is still a minimum age requirement for a kid to play Legos.

So, let’s consider a game that needs the legal age limit. Just like drinking liquor, a game known to require the legal age limit to be p[layed is gambling. Of course, you can still consider gambling as a form of the game. After all, it still satisfies the following characteristics.

  • It includes luck as part of the thrill.
  • It lets the player past time
  • It follows certain rules.

These are just a few of the common characteristics of a game. But of course, there is a lot of gambling games in the world. Thus we are going to focus on a game popular in Asia. Let’s consider the game called capsa susun.



The game is played just like poker wherein you are going to use a complete deck of cards. You should also consider that it needs at least two players and four at the most to be played. Just like poker, there is a certain combination of cards that correspond to a certain point. Of course, there is also a ranking when it comes to this combination of cards.

You would likely enjoy this game especially when you enjoy playing poker.  There are more gambling card games but you should enjoy this game.

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